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The Word Count

Welcome to the #WordCountPodcast!

Free flash fiction, based on a monthly prompt host R. B. Wood publishes on his site (


Oct 20, 2013

A very special show this week!  Author Mercedes M. Yardley is interviewed and reads a snippet from her latest: "Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love"

Host: R. B. Wood

Show Notes:

Sep 8, 2013

A quick three-story show this week build around the theme "The Oracle smiled and said, "Ah.  I've been waiting for you...""

Guests this week:

C. Thomas Smith "Prophaey"

Will Davidson “An Answer in the Smoke"

Eden Baylee "Awaiting my Religion"

Hosted by R. B. Wood  Show notes:

Aug 19, 2013

A new cast with a new super theme!

"You’ve discovered you have a superpower…"

Host: R. B. Wood  Show Notes:


Bill Kirton "Donna's Knees"

Emmett Spain "Terry & The Possessed Burrito"

R. B. Wood "The Contingency Plan"

Eden Baylee "The Power of Being Human"

C. Thomas Smith "My Face Is The...

Jul 21, 2013

Five stories this week from our dear Word Count Irregulars and one newbie to the team.  I even through my hand into the ring with a story of my own.  The Theme "Being dead can be quite liberating..."

Guests include:

Bill Kirton "Just Another One"

C. Thomas Smith "A Whiff of Spirit"

R. B. Wood "A Greaser's Request"

M. J....

May 26, 2013

FOUR, count 'em FOUR stories from the Word Count Irregulars this show.  All based on the theme: "The Thief."

Eden Baylee "One Stolen Night"

Angelica Dawson "Blue Moon House - Kitten"

C. Thomas Smith "VOLUME 36c - META"

Antonio Angelo "A Simple Misunderstanding."

Host: R. B. Wood

Show Notes: