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The Word Count

Welcome to the #WordCountPodcast!

Free flash fiction, based on a monthly prompt host R. B. Wood publishes on his site (


Nov 2, 2020


Host: R. B. Wood    Show Notes: HTTP://

Ten years, 100 podcasts--it all comes down to this very last show.

To our listeners, I say thank you for allow is to entertain you with our stories--nearly 700 of them--we wrote these for you.

To the authors who have shared stories on the show--there would have been NO "Word Count Podcast" without you. Thank you for your time and your talent.

The Prompt:


Rob Edwards“100 Humans of the Future”

M. J. King – “They Don't Win in This One”

Karl Dandenell - “Stones of Särdal” 

Cameron Garriepy - "Dinner Plans"

C. Thomas Smith -"Morpheus"

Maria Haskins –“The Stars in Heaven Sing a Music”

W. B. J. Williams –“A Phoenix Lands”

Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey“Unclogged”

Bill Kirton –“Perhaps. Nothing More”

Eden Baylee – “Final Cut”

R. B. Wood -"100"