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The Word Count

Welcome to the #WordCountPodcast!

Free flash fiction, based on a monthly prompt host R. B. Wood publishes on his site (


Jan 27, 2019

Welcome to the start of SEASON 9 of the #WordCountPodcast!

Host: R. B. Wood   Show Notes:

We hope that you all enjoyed your holiday season, I know we enjoyed our time away--yet that burn of creativity flared up after the New Year and here we go with a new season!

The theme for this season is Landscapes and we start with new stories all written around this beautiful lake in Norway:


Bill Kirton - "The Void"

Maria Haskins – “Catching the Train”

Karl Dandenell - "Burial Detail"

W. B. J. Williams – “The Mystery of Lake Ronkonkoma”

Deanna Rice- "The Sisters of Grün Lake"

Eden Baylee- "The Demon Drink"