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The Word Count

Welcome to the #WordCountPodcast!

Free flash fiction, based on a monthly prompt host R. B. Wood publishes on his site (


Mar 25, 2011

The 11th episode of The Word Count Podcast is dedicated to all those impacted by the tragedy in Japan.

This week's writer's showcase hosted by R. B. Wood is based of the prompt "I Have a Secret..."

Guests include: Eden Baylee, Monica Marier, Bill Kirton, Diane Nelson, Matthew Munson, J. D. Robinson, Suzannah Burke and...

Mar 5, 2011

Welcome back dear listeners!

Your host, R. B. Wood, has a great show for you based on the prompt: A Conversation with Death.

Guests this week include: Monica Marier, L. M. Stull, Nya Rawlyns, Matthew Munson, J. D. Robinson, Eden Baylee and Bill Kirton (who I owe a big MEA CULPA too as his submission ended up in the Spam...