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The Word Count

Welcome to the #WordCountPodcast!

Free flash fiction, based on a monthly prompt host R. B. Wood publishes on his site (


Mar 26, 2017

March in the Wild has four marvelous stories based on the month and the prompt photo donated by Becca B. Jenkins

Host: R.B. Wood     Notes:


Maria Haskins - "Lost"

Bill Kirton - "The Lochan"

Jack Gwaltney & John McCaffrey – “Seldom is Heard

Julia Mae Staley – When...

Feb 21, 2017

Rose and Snow in February

Based on the picture prompt and the month of February, the Word Count Irregulars craft four new stories for your listening pleasure.

HOST: R. B. Wood         Show Notes:


Bill Kirton - "George"

Eden Baylee - "Love and Death"

C. Thomas Smith - "Fecking...

Jan 22, 2017

Tidal Pool in January

The picture and the month (January) are the prompts to kick off a new season of The Word Count Podcast!

Host: RB Wood       Show Notes:


Maria Haskins - "The Weight of the Sea"

C. Thomas Smith - "The Wasteland"

Cameron Garriepy - "By the Sea"

John A. McCaffrey - "Clamming...

Oct 28, 2016

Welcome, dear sinners to the Halloween Season!

Grab your pumpkins and listen my dears to four tales of horror and woe!

Host: R. B. Wood      Show Notes:


C. Thomas Smith "Trick"

Maria Haskins "The Demon"

Matthew Munson "Dreaming"

Rob Edwards "A Lesson...

Sep 18, 2016

Six brand new stories for episode 60 of the #WordCountPodcast all based on the three word theme: Key, Charming, and Computer.

HOST: R. B. Wood ( Show notes:


Bill Kirton “In an Alternative Dimension”

Cameron Garriepy "Blood Magic Is Nothing to Trifle With"

C. Thomas...