The Word Count
The Word Count Podcast-Episode 62

Tidal Pool in January

The picture and the month (January) are the prompts to kick off a new season of The Word Count Podcast!

Host: RB Wood       Show Notes:


Maria Haskins - "The Weight of the Sea"

C. Thomas Smith - "The Wasteland"

Cameron Garriepy - "By the Sea"

John A. McCaffrey - "Clamming in January"

Bill Kirton & Eden Baylee - "Selfie Love"

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The Word Count Podcast-Episode 61

Welcome, dear sinners to the Halloween Season!

Grab your pumpkins and listen my dears to four tales of horror and woe!

Host: R. B. Wood      Show Notes:


C. Thomas Smith "Trick"

Maria Haskins "The Demon"

Matthew Munson "Dreaming"

Rob Edwards "A Lesson in Feldok"

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The Word Count Podcast-Episode 60

Six brand new stories for episode 60 of the #WordCountPodcast all based on the three word theme: Key, Charming, and Computer.

HOST: R. B. Wood ( Show notes:


Bill Kirton “In an Alternative Dimension”

Cameron Garriepy "Blood Magic Is Nothing to Trifle With"

C. Thomas Smith "Charmingman 3000"

R. B. Wood "The Watcher"

Eden Baylee “Scene from a Bar”

Maria Haskins "OK Computer"

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The Word Count Podcast-Episode 59

We return to our three word theme for episode 59 of the #wordcountpodcast:


Newspaper, Cigarette, and Scotch

Host: R. B. Wood       Show Notes:


Rob Edwards "Armchair Armeggedon"

Cameron Garriepy "Going Places"

C. Thomas Smith "Just Right Now"

Maria Haskins "Chiaroscuro"

Bill Kirton “Like Father, Like Daughter”

Eden Baylee “Comfortably Numb”

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The Word Count Podcast-Episode58

A Summertime Sizzler! Hot stories coming to you this time around all based on the first line:

"I was enjoying the summer holiday when..."

HOST: R. B. Wood

Show Notes:


Rob Edwards "Time Rigger's Lament"

Maria Haskins "True Words"

C. Thomas Smith "Doomsday"

Bill Kirton “Like A Butterfly”

Eden Baylee “95 Days”

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The Word Count Podcast-Episode 57

Four wonderful stories for your rum-soaked listening pleasure this week--all based on the theme: PIRATE, ISLAND, and RAT.



Bill Kirton “A Happy Ending”

Rob Edwards "Legend of Redhook's Gold"

C. Thomas Smith "The Bear's Fate"

Maria Haskins "Treasure Island"


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The Word Count Podcast-Episode 56

Episode 56 brings us five original stories based on the three-word theme:



Host: R. B. Wood     Show Notes:



C. Thomas Smith ”Truly”

Cameron D. Garriepy “Fresh Scandal”

Eden Baylee “Puppy Love”

Bill Kirton “Cats”

Maria Haskins “Miriam and Cat”

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The Word Count Podcast-Episode 55

Episode 55 this week challenges our Word Count Irregulars with the three word prompt:

Dog. Wheelchair. Addiction.

I must say they all rise rather brilliantly to the occasion.

Host: R. B. Wood   Show Notes:



Maria Haskins “Nemesis”

C. Thomas Smith ”Doug Needs Mary”

Eden Baylee “The Runner”

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The Word Count Podcast-Episode 54

With Episode 54, we return to our three-word format.  The theme for this episode:

Chocolate, Thorns and Lust.

Four new and original stories await your listening pleasure.

HOST: R. B. Wood



Eden Baylee “The Letter”

C. Thomas Smith ”Take Me”

Bill Kirton “Genesis”

Maria Haskins “The Unicorn”

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The Word Count Podcast-Episode 53

Three stories this week on our theme "Celebrity Death, a Fan’s Perspective."

HOST: R. B. Wood




Cameron Garriepy "Serious Moonlight"

C. Thomas SmithB "To Kadath and Back"

Eden Baylee "I Just Want to be Your Everything"

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